Emergency Recovery Script

If core files are compromised and you can’t log-in to your admin account, the Emergency Recovery Script is there for you.

This standalone, single-file, WP independent script is created to recover a WP site in the most difficult of situations. When access to admin is not possible, Emergency Recovery Script will completely restore your site… Even from the WSoD/whitescreen of doom!

Instantly reset or delete sections of your WP site, plus restore hacked or damaged sites

If you can’t access your site admin, you can use the Emergency Recovery Script (ERS) to reclaim your website.

  • ERS is a standalone script that is completely independent of any WP files, meaning it always works!
  • Disable/enable selected (or all) plugins
  • Disable current theme
  • Check all core files (if some are missing or damaged, restore them)
  • Create a new admin user without logging in
  • Repair user privileges
  • Edit site and WP address