Diagnosis & Repair

File editor

Our built-in file editor with malicious code highlighting helps you check out incurable and not yet cleaned malicious and suspicious code in files.

  • Navigate your website’s files directly from our built-in file manager.
  • Malicious code highlighting.

    If MALWARE|WARFARE detects malware that it can’t cure on its own, the issue can be thoroughly investigated using our built-in file editor and malicious code highlighter.

    With MALWARE|WARFARE’s built-in file editor you can easily see malicious code fragments in files. It’s really helpful if there are some incurable files found on your website. Use file editor to analyze malicious code in files, edit file content and delete files from your website.

    • Infected files and folders are highlighted and marked by red dots.
    • Regular expressions & text search

      Find any file content on your websites by custom request easily. Call search tool by one click when you really need it.

      Switch to RegEx search in search tool to find any file content on your websites by custom regular expression.

      Type your expression, click “Search” and get search results.

      Text search

      MALWARE|WARFARE has a built-in search tool to help find any file content on your websites according to any text query easily.

      Start searching any content (text code fragment etc.) in your website’s files by your custom text request. View and edit file content with built-in file editor easily by clicking on any filename in search results.